MyShell (myshellvixen) wrote in bigirls_il,

Hello! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I just joined recently and thought it was about time I spoke up ;) I'm 25, bi, married, and from Southern Illinois. I recently told my husband of 4 years I was bi and had been with a girl before being with him. So far he's taken it well and has no problem with me seeing another female. Though at the moment I have not found one. :(

I like to make graphics, build websites, and learn new things. I love the outdoors, country, and water. I also really love to take pictures. It's a hobby of mine.

I'm always into making new friends and meeting more people around my area. So if you'd like to add me feel free to do so. I'll more then likely add yeah back.

Sorry this is xposted a few new places I just joined ;)
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HI I have a husband and a girlfriend and 5mths ago I found out I am having a baby I would love too talk too you.